Thursday, May 8, 2014

"The Bridge of San Luis Rey" by Thornton Wilder

This week, as part of our "read a book in a single day each month" promise to ourselves, we read Wilder's "The Bridge of San Luis Rey". (It actually took us two days. We're slow readers.) It's a strange book in many ways, filled with smooth-flowing sentences and fascinating characters, but also containing curves and swerves that threw me off now and then. I occasionally lost track of things ("Who is she again?" "What just happened?"), and I'm still not sure what the overall theme of the book is. I feel like we've just hiked up a beautiful mountain trail, and now I need to hike back down, slowly, and revisit some of the sights, maybe taking some "pictures" -- notes -- to reflect upon later. (Delycia, I think, understood the book better than I did, so it will be good to have her beside me on the return trip.)

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