Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Mosses from an Old Manse"

I am thrilled today to have re-discovered the beauty of Nathaniel Hawthorne's writing. It's been many years since I have read anything by Hawthorne, but somehow I recently stumbled upon this old collection of stories, and the smoothness and forcefulness of the sentences immediately captivated me. Here is just one of countless passages I highlighted as I was reading:
"The world should recline its vast head on the first convenient pillow, and take an age-long nap. It has gone distracted, through a morbid activity, and, while preternaturally wide-awake, is nevertheless tormented by visions, that seem real to it now, but would assume their true aspect and character, were all things once set right by an interval of sound repose." Good advice for our very troubled world of today!

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